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GameSpot Universe
What's your favorite prediction for Season 10 of American Horror Story?
Comment from : GameSpot Universe

C.T.P’s could be interesting
Comment from : Divine_Nosferatu

sam z
i posted my idea in the AHS subreddit a few years ago. i titled it “American Horror Story: Cove” it would take place on a Oregon cove which would include a lot of urban legends such as bigfoot creature and a sort of killer fog.
Comment from : sam z

When they mentioned orphans, i immediately thought of The Promised Neverland
Comment from : Phi

Jesus Christ 69
So it’s gonna be about cryptids? That sounds pretty cool
Comment from : Jesus Christ 69

Give me deep forests and cryptids and woods witches and mountains
Comment from : youkohieifan

samantha Garcia
I just want taissa and evan together again🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤
Comment from : samantha Garcia

Justin Thomas
The surviving characters from all of the seasons vs Devin (full Satan) from Season 8.
Comment from : Justin Thomas

Nappy Roots
25:10 maybe it's a sheep dog or something 😂😂😂
BTW I loved the stranded in an island idea 👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾

Comment from : Nappy Roots

Mark Lowther
Pink Caddilac... Elvis? Supposedly dead musicians who had sold their souls to the devil and are now back to do his bidding?
Comment from : Mark Lowther

Delynn Currier
I want the witch hunters back from season three, trying killed witches from Salem witch trials.
Comment from : Delynn Currier

i think if they did more stuff involving the Winchesters , it might push too much of the tv show supernatural into it, idk i think it would be too much (kinda like how they think the country story would be too much like westworld)
Comment from : maddy810493

Ray Perez
What about a Cloverfield (1st film)or 👽... kinda season. As in actual watchable first person-cam found footage. With some regular film shooting as well in real time and in flashbacks.. something along that line
Comment from : Ray Perez

Dank Fangirl
They should do another academy style thing? But instead of witches, like Coven, it’s half breed humans and different kinds of mythical creatures
Comment from : Dank Fangirl

Cayleigh Font
I think something like 30 days of night type of thing would be cool
Comment from : Cayleigh Font

Cayleigh Font
Imagine a vampire season
Comment from : Cayleigh Font

Tyler Eggleton
Personally I'd love to see a season where a small suburb gets infected by werewolves or something else supernatural. The tension of a good who done it as something drives you crazy in the day and eats your heart in the night would be perfect for AHS.
Comment from : Tyler Eggleton

Kacy Games
I would like another coven season idky u just do, i think the storyline is good and i really enjoy it but that is only my opinion
Comment from : Kacy Games

Anthony Becker
Heaven's Gate
Comment from : Anthony Becker

Anthony Becker
I want AHS Titanic or AHS Mafia
Comment from : Anthony Becker

Drew Kish
I want to see kit walkers children all grown up
Comment from : Drew Kish

Ellis Wickwire
I’d love a season about werewolves
Comment from : Ellis Wickwire

I want angela Bassett and jessica lange back 😪😪😪😪😪😪
Comment from : Leo

Charlie Hammond
If they could do it somewhat taste-fully, I think a AHS based in the holocaust would be really good - it's perfect in a way for the tone of the series, with all the atrocities that took place. Could then also visit more into Dr Arden's backstory, maybe see Elsa back too
Comment from : Charlie Hammond

Dejia Belcher
I like the idea of a evil Suburban town. Something related to the idea of get out
Comment from : Dejia Belcher

Im really hoping for something dark but with a good storyline something kinda like asylum but maybe with a few funny scenes
Comment from : EVERYTHING AHS

Connor's Bookshelf
I would love a season about a community and it could be called AHS: Harvest
Comment from : Connor's Bookshelf

Jarlaxle Daerthe
Why do they continue to make these when only 2 of the seasons have been watchable...
Comment from : Jarlaxle Daerthe

Crew Chrystan
i think a time travel story would be really cool like where the OG actors like sarah, evan, and then maybe jessica along with some of the newer characters like billie and cody are jumping around time trying to defeat a large villain whether it’s satan or another demon from hell like beelzebub that will set up a final satan battle. or a group of people that is more OG characters and they play the villains cause i would love to see Taissa play a villain
Comment from : Crew Chrystan

Crew Chrystan
it’s not the final season i thought they got it renewed through szn 13
Comment from : Crew Chrystan

Oof :/
If it isn’t aliens imma cry
Comment from : Oof :/

Tiffany Tiff Tiff
I'd love a ship and open seas with like creatures cause I think huge ships are terrifying or they connect all the 10 seasons cause its the final season so it better have a huge plot twist
Comment from : Tiffany Tiff Tiff

chloe louise
Imagine if for the last season they connected all the shows but in a good way rather than just telling us how - if that makes sense
Comment from : chloe louise

Susanne Schlussel
AHS has gone down hill so I have given up on the show. It's sad it could have been a great show. But only had 3 good seasons.
Comment from : Susanne Schlussel

Lisa Walker
Comment from : Lisa Walker

Lisa Walker
Plague in modern America.
Comment from : Lisa Walker

Lisa Walker
Comment from : Lisa Walker

Des Roches Simon
If it's the final season, it should be called AHS: Ultimate Horror and it would involve cosmic horrors.
Comment from : Des Roches Simon

hey there it's danny more
maybe a underwater season would be interesting or something to do with a ship mermaids/sirens or space or something to do with season 2 ( my favorite season )

does anyone know when is season 10 is coming out ??

Comment from : hey there it's danny more

Jon Hinson
I would love a spin off show with Myrtle Snow brought back and with Queenie and Marie Laveau and all the witches.
Comment from : Jon Hinson

Jon Hinson
I want Angela and Frances Conroy and Sarah and Evan and Kathy Bates and Lily Rabe and Idina Porter and Emma Roberts and Billie Lourd . That would make for a fantastic season!
Comment from : Jon Hinson

831 827
cheyenne jackson needes to come back
Comment from : 831 827

831 827
I WANT TASSIA AND EVAN!!! and angela
Comment from : 831 827

Shaniece Singleton
23:33 Are ya'll forgetting that we already seen the return of Kit Walker's children?

AHS Apocalypse...Timothy & Emily Campbell!

We're introduced to their character's in the season as forbidden lovers in their time in the bunker...which can also be a foreshadowing of the fact that they are actually siblings and in society's eyes it is forbidden to take part in romantic endeavors with your family.

In their defense, they do not know they are brother and sister; being separated at a young age after the last abduction of their father, Kit. This would cause them to be split up by Child Protective Services and live estranged lives from one another, as we see in the first episode of Apocalyse.

So maybe if we get a return of Kit Walker season where his ultimate goal is to see his children, it may also tie into the continuation of the new AHS timeline's Anti-Christ who we find out on the finale of Apocalypse, is Timothy & Emily's son, Devan.

With this all being said, this is a theory. Be nice.

Comment from : Shaniece Singleton

Barbara Ibarra
A scary documentary now style season. Very episode is a different story, an anthology within an anthology.
Comment from : Barbara Ibarra

Tiffany Manning
Did anyone see "Penny Dreadful" that was stylish gothic to the max. I can see that era coming to life with an AHS treatment. That is RICH and PIPE for the plucking... Dorian Grey, The Frankenstein story, Jack the Ripper.
Comment from : Tiffany Manning

Mason Belt
I want a Twin Peaks meta season. That’d be dope as hell.
Comment from : Mason Belt

Tyger Tyger

I am still waiting for a Lovecraft theme, especially if those who discover about the secret start to deform and lose their minds. Especially, if Kit's children are involved as being part of it or, even better, immune to it due to being involved with a competing elder God. Practical Effects for the cast and CGI for the setting to make it appear that the background isn't completely real.


Western theme could include Wendigos or Native People's mythology and have cowboys cursed to live forever hunting their descendants as an extremely focused curse in two timelines. Obviously, of the big Universal Monsters only the werewolf and the mummy haven't been explored. The Native People's had both skinwalkers, which could serve as werewolves, and also practiced a form of mummification.


Mermaids would work well if they wanted to do something with a competing species of sentient life. In any case, have a hidden intelligent species that is trying to replace humans, especially if they have developed here on Earth all this time and only chosen to keep themselves separate. If doesn't have to be a 'message' theme such as 'we polluted the planet and need to go away' or 'we are too warlike and killing ourselves off anyway'. It could be something as simple as a chance meeting or misunderstanding that makes the second species think the time to act is now.


I like the Stepford Wives idea, but I think having a gated community that replaces newcomers they don't like with realistic robots (like seen in Cult) doesn't explain hiding the bodies, unless they simply eat them, mulch up the bones to help fertilize the roses, and use the cartilage and skin for plastic surgery.

Comment from : Tyger Tyger

RedruM Hughes
Cannibal house wives
Comment from : RedruM Hughes

Jay Bear
It would be cool if we got a season about the lost colony of Roanoke, but get this, half the season is portrayed as a documentary with reenactors, and and the second half the reenactors and the actual people meet up together.
Comment from : Jay Bear

merge m8
If they dont base the tenth season on the coronavirus quarantine cruise ship they’re missing a trick ☣️🛳
Comment from : merge m8

A UFO season!
Comment from : Punch

Dan Kerman
they should make season what is about aliens cuz WHERE IS KIT
Comment from : Dan Kerman

Richard Champness
I hope its aliens
Comment from : Richard Champness

I would LOVE to see an AHS take on Stepford Wives. I think they could do a great job of keeping it creepy while adding their own spin to it
Comment from : MusicalRomancegrl

00 00
If they do cryptids I 100% hope they include skinwalkers/wendigos. Seriously my favourite cryptids and super american
Comment from : 00 00

Toni Lynn Licavoli
American twilight horror zone story???
Comment from : Toni Lynn Licavoli

Toni Lynn Licavoli
The Ripper series???
Comment from : Toni Lynn Licavoli

Toni Lynn Licavoli
What if they did the Zodiak?? And he worked w alot of the cast members to get his ideas on the killings?? Sisters,mother,brothers,coworkers?? Yada
Comment from : Toni Lynn Licavoli

Toni Lynn Licavoli
Bring back Jessica Lang! Every single original cast member,they all just fit together,it makes it believable
Comment from : Toni Lynn Licavoli

Chris Grey
Actually think people killing people has been done to death American horror story. They need to come up with some fresh ideas instead of using the same stuff over and over that could get boring pretty fast. 😴
Comment from : Chris Grey

They can do governmental testing on humans like what they did on Long Island ie what stranger things is based on.
Comment from : Jas

Brittany Carta
i would like them to do something like Until Dawn or an hommage to the twilight zone episode where all the characters are actually children’s toys
Comment from : Brittany Carta

robert vangilder
They should do a murder mystery in a estate. Or a river cruise in the 1910s, 1920s or 1930s
Comment from : robert vangilder

Apollo 1996
I really think aliens will be some part of it, like there are a lot of American horror stories about aliens. It might not be straight SPACE but it could tie in some how, like how they did the Catholic Church and aliens in Asylum.
Comment from : Apollo 1996

Chris T
I like the idea of the Winchester house but along side ww1, or even a Civil war season ( and if it is the last season give me a bonus episode tying up loose ends and what happens to everyone )
Comment from : Chris T

Ruth Ulrich
Mary Kay sells make up. What if there are people turning into zombies or something due to the ladies who sell make up door to door, mixing weird things in it? Some could die from the make up and mixing it with other products or it causes other issues?
Comment from : Ruth Ulrich

Comment from : jai

i would love if they did something based on the Titanic but put a twist on it likes evil mermaids/sirens took over the ship etc. idk they havent touched on mythical creatures like mermaids or evil fairies or something along those lines
Comment from : jai

i want american horror story to last forever!!!!
Comment from : jai

Donna Carter
Please keep AHS going!
Comment from : Donna Carter

Ivy Fyffe
I feel like aliens and Sufi would be really boring
Comment from : Ivy Fyffe

Kevin Drake
Or a circle to first ahs
Comment from : Kevin Drake

Kevin Drake
Teddy bundy
Comment from : Kevin Drake

Kevin Drake
The face
Comment from : Kevin Drake

Kevin Drake
The knife
Comment from : Kevin Drake

Hannah Lane
Okay, here me out.. AHS: Compound
The story takes place in a remote mountain range or something and a sort of hippie compound where crazy shit happens like monsters, bigfoot, ghosts, demons, etc. Maybe at some point the modern world attempts to make contact with the compound and people go missing or die.. I think that would be sick

Comment from : Hannah Lane

D Stewart
I want to see what happened to Kit after the aliens came for him when he was sick
Comment from : D Stewart

It'd be amazing to see mobsters and some type of lore set during the 1920s in Kansas City.
Comment from : JMacCooper

The aliens went to the asylum because Kit was taken there.
Comment from : DHGlee2013

alicia stringer
If you guys havent yet heard the show now belongs to netflix and is renewed for 3/4 more seasons i think 💜
Comment from : alicia stringer

Kels Winter
AHS Scientology
Comment from : Kels Winter

G2G2 Bed
Coven Witches in the FOREGROUND. End their story
Comment from : G2G2 Bed

JS McQuade
Skin walker ranch. Might feel like Roanoke but it could easily add the aliens as well as other paranormal situations
Comment from : JS McQuade

Amanda Goldsbury
If you say the aliens are actually time traveling from after the apocalypse, they don't have to be aliens, just technology advanced. Kit's babies end up saving the world. One Male and one Female.
Comment from : Amanda Goldsbury

Gabi’s World
let’s pray that there are hundreds of seasons of ahs
Comment from : Gabi’s World

Alyssa Casner
I would love to see a suburbs gone dark and the people are cannibals and some voodoo and whitches are involved somehow with the vampires
Comment from : Alyssa Casner

Hear me out: Evan Peters’ next role is Lucifer, and Tate being used as a conduit for creating the antichrist is explained as him being the human/ghost having been created most like in Lucifer’s image.
Comment from : jfarmer911

Maren Knutson
they should just do a crossover with the tv show lucifer lol
Comment from : Maren Knutson

Michael Hollier
I think the angels are the aliens for the ahs universe and when kits wife got taken she was impregnated with michaels vessel and Lucifer and michael the archangel will fight or it's a fight between good and evil that spans over two timelines or even a infinite loop where nobody wins.

Or it will be a season in space something on a space station. It would really be cool if it was a wildwest gritty season.

Comment from : Michael Hollier

Bruce young
Wee need Jessica Lang as Fiona and Angela Bassett as Marie laveau to team up and fight the new son of satan
Comment from : Bruce young

Tiago M
how about the make a story on the myth of the Wendigo. and make one of the characters inherent a family own land. But when they get there the demonic wendigos are awoken and play with their minds. making them not know what is or is not reality. ultimately trying to make the characters turn into wendigos
Comment from : Tiago M

I hate that Ryan loser."It's ONLY going to be 10 seasons!".
"It can go on as long as I can get money !"....Yay 100 hundred seasons. Thank you God, I will be dead.
The show is crap.

Comment from : NoMunnyMummy

i want aliens
Comment from : Angel

Andrej Iman
lastly, how about a season on pegs... a group of teens or people go to a spot for vacation then find themselves in a cult of pegs who later want to do like a wickerman/ the green one ritual and they got to try to run away
Comment from : Andrej Iman

Andrej Iman
only because hell was even happy they killed mike soooo and ohhhh what if one of the witches is actually the antichrist. like in the bible they say the anti will come off like he is good alost like he is jesus but later find out he really isn't
Comment from : Andrej Iman

Andrej Iman
part 2 with the anti christ, coven joins but with the first supreme witch pops up since the new anti christ would be stronger needing a stronger witch to fight.
Comment from : Andrej Iman

Greg Leach
i wonder if they would introduce bloody mary in american horror story
Comment from : Greg Leach

First name Last name
The spread of some type of virus or biological weapon threatening the planet would be ok
Maybe combine it with the whole secret society/conspiracy theories that so many people are obsessed with

Comment from : First name Last name

We need a season of rock stars, a season of werewolves/shapeshifter or the like, a season of cruise ship/starship season, maybe some cowboy/pioneer stories with characters like The Bloody Benders, the Harpe Brothers, saloon girls, shootouts, hangings, native American shamen, etc etc and if Satan returns, we need more Angels as well
Comment from : Comfortdoll

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