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Christa Coupons
CORRECTION this sale starts Tuesday April 9, 2019. I think I said the 7th but it’s the 9th.
To sign up for text alerts text @pennyli to 81010
To no longer receive text alerts just text back @leave

Comment from : Christa Coupons

Sarah Marino
Where do you usually get your cigarettes??
Comment from : Sarah Marino

AlienPrincess ATX
Its 2019. Get the patch, gum, a doctor's help and stop smoking! It is absolutely horrible for you.
Comment from : AlienPrincess ATX

Christine Stetson
How do you sign up to get text alerts for the penny list
Comment from : Christine Stetson

Tim Laxton Sr
How do you get on this to receive these list or get on the penny item lists!!how can a well man do this
Comment from : Tim Laxton Sr

T graz
Thanks Christie ur a life saver were on a budget good look girl lol
Comment from : T graz

T graz
I got mine today in PA still had them
Comment from : T graz

g. kiss
You're late a lot
Comment from : g. kiss

me my
You won't be able to see the barcodes. It's just select stores and not all stores carry the same brands of discount cigarettes. Customers doesn't have access to the cigarettes. Cigarettes doesn't and won't go to a penny.
Comment from : me my

john and tamara harvey
Our local store doesn't have them but our other closest store does have them. We were told most of them are menthols.
Comment from : john and tamara harvey

T graz
Got A few I'm in pa
Comment from : T graz

T graz
Thanks got mine today i
Comment from : T graz

Tammy Baker
Our store here in Missouri wouldn't give me the cigarettes at the 1.50 price! Pissed me off!
Comment from : Tammy Baker

Renee B
I am unsubscribing. Not cool to promote nicotine ciggarettes. I have family members that have died from COPD and lung disease. This will be your straw. You messed up. Hope u figure this out. God Bless You
Comment from : Renee B

Patricia Justice
The cigs are in my dollar general in west virginia for 1.50 and the cigars ate 65 cents
Comment from : Patricia Justice

Myrtle Lockett
Hello I went to three different stores Dollar General stores all of them had a cigarette at regular price that in Tennessee
Comment from : Myrtle Lockett

I like you...liking and subbing!
Comment from : G S

La Negra
You are the BEST, Christa!!
Comment from : La Negra

La Negra
Does anyone know a link to download the $3/15 ? TIA 😊😊
Comment from : La Negra

E Blake
Don't see the list of $1.50 cigarettes on your website. poweredby coupons.com. It is not there. Thanks.
Comment from : E Blake

Ashley W
R they tryn to secretly tryn to kill us im js
Comment from : Ashley W

Ms. Tina Burkart-Horst
Yes the employees know about the list. For my best friend works for Dollar General and she typically tells me what is on the penny list and when the sales are.
Comment from : Ms. Tina Burkart-Horst

Deborah Larson
Trying to get texts from you, however it says I'm not putting in a correct phone number. WTH. Help please.
Comment from : Deborah Larson

Ria Somers
You have me shopping for a printer to start back couponing.
Comment from : Ria Somers

beth taylor
I click like on this video and then it takes it away, not showing like count either. I have liked this video 4 or 5 times now. Thanks again Christa
Comment from : beth taylor

Just wanted to say thank you. I forget to comment and I know that also helps you get paid. I think what has me watching all ur videos is (1) your not afraid to express urself by cussing. Most of the "bad words" we say are just deeper forms of expressing of emotions and ppl just need to get the fuck over it. If I say G. D. in a text to somebody I spell it as gawd damn. So the "God squads" don't gasp and tell me what a bad person I am for expressing my effing feelings. Take no shit and give no fucks. The other major reason (2) is ur from West Virginia also. WV ppl are looked at as uneducated, holler trash junkies more often than not. We do have those here. But so does every other state in this country. Some more than others...... Sorry rambling now. I watch ur channel for the information you provide to us to help us save money. The other 2 reasons I mentioned is why I continue to watch you. I'll stop rambling now. Have a fabulous evening
Comment from : 218nitro

Christina M.
Comment from : Christina M.

beth taylor
Thanks Christa, will be at the store at 8AM, FL
Comment from : beth taylor

Chantell Webb
Are we going have to know the bar code numbers for the cigarettes? My dollar store has them behind glass
Comment from : Chantell Webb

Kristi McQuinn
I recently became fascinated with all the cool ways people get deals on merchandise; You are by far the best example I've came across your detaild oriented, straight too the point with all the knowledgeable facts; To top it off it's only a penny!
Comment from : Kristi McQuinn

Fetina Wimberly
Comment from : Fetina Wimberly

Girly Girl
u.re the Ishhh....Christa. when u said..." u know what I mean jellybean"... I said back...".sure nuf' cream puff"...how u know our family talk is beyond me... Southern region.
Comment from : Girly Girl

Michelle Wyman
Thanks Christa! You rock! Hoping to find me some clearance smokes! I have been driving 4 hours give or take round trip to a reservation to purchase smokes. I know I just need to quit. Have tried so many times . lol 🚬🚬 TFS
Comment from : Michelle Wyman

Connie Sirman
Is your dollar general app not working?
Comment from : Connie Sirman

Amy Stone
What's the text number to sign up for text alert
Comment from : Amy Stone

Tammera LeVan
Thank You for all you do!!!
Comment from : Tammera LeVan

Dorothy Maurer
You always make me laugh..."No shit"...LMAO! Thank you!
Comment from : Dorothy Maurer

Patricia Miller
I can't click the Google doc.... I needs cigs bad
Comment from : Patricia Miller

Denise Taylor
I am still having problems learning how to do this penny shopping is done. I need someone in my area to go with me.
Comment from : Denise Taylor

Fara Leaky Faucet
@Crista Coupons. I have not seen anyone else besides you that is giving out the cigarette list..Thank You so much!!

Also..my daughter works at DG and her Mgr DOES NOT share shit..she, literally disappears the penny items. I swear, she must have a yard sale every weekend based on the penny items...!!

All your efforts are greatly appreciated.

Much Blessings

Comment from : Fara Leaky Faucet

Jan Gothard
Thank you for always keeping us up on all the good stuff...would love text alerts...can you let me know how to ho about this
Comment from : Jan Gothard

Piper Tarin
Does anyone, know if these lists work in Oklahoma?
Comment from : Piper Tarin

The cigarettes are discontinued. And yes this is the second time they have been clearanced.
Comment from : Carrie34

Tammy Baker
Do you have any idea why there would be a huge dumpster in front of our Dollar Generals?
Comment from : Tammy Baker

Shannon Chenette
Girl I love to watch your videos cuz you keep it so damn real.
Comment from : Shannon Chenette

laura H
The 50% off mark downs and the coupons in the app i got good buys last night !!!Even got a free head n shoulders shampoo.
Comment from : laura H

Sheri Perkins-Jones
No you put the 9th
Comment from : Sheri Perkins-Jones

Kya Simons Life
Thankyou 👏🏻For Everything You Do For Us It Bothers Me When People Harass & Bother You About the List & Things Some People Don’t Realize You Do this Out the Kindness Of You Heart ❤️ & Try to Help Us She Doesn’t Have To Do This For Us Be Kind & Patience & Gratis! She Is Only 1 Person 😉
Comment from : Kya Simons Life

Carla Ross
Yes working just fine
Comment from : Carla Ross

Carla Ross
I could read the list just fine. Thank you for typing it out even though it was the same list. I hope it includes my Camel 99's since it just shows Camel. I hope I can get me some cigs at this price. But you are great to share this with us. I am on social security & every penny counts and I hope I could get some priced a penny that would be so darn cool. And yes there prices on cigs are so high & that is why they can not sell as much
Comment from : Carla Ross

Anna Bramlett
Comment from : Anna Bramlett

Lisa  Renee
So strange thing is if I Google your website lists don't come up. But if I use link from you tube the website gives the list.
Comment from : Lisa Renee

irma hernandez
Thank you for you help
Comment from : irma hernandez

Kenneth Oliver
My son is a night shift leader, and he has not gotten a list, or corporate pulls the items before they go on sale. If a store is remodeled, corporate makes sure there are no penny items.
Comment from : Kenneth Oliver

Marisol Carmona
I like to know how penylist! Work i have to dounlow the peny app or just. Look for the stuf Tha you see is at peny????
Comment from : Marisol Carmona

Sylvia Johnson
Do you know if they are having the cigarette sale in Tampa, FL? If so location please, please and thanks for everything you do
Comment from : Sylvia Johnson

audrey walsh
List of cigarettes, 1.50$ please and thank you
Comment from : audrey walsh

Midnight train to Georgia
I click like on your video's, but it takes it away in a few seconds... and it don't show any likes at all .. 😮
Comment from : Midnight train to Georgia

Cari James
I don't know if this means anything cuz I'm still new to the penny shopping but my store did not do the clearance on cigarettes months ago and today when I walked in they had a huge cart loaded with cigarettes most of them were Marlboro and they were doing something with them and it wasn't them just restocking
Comment from : Cari James

Pami Atkinson
Pretty cool...Question on Saturday deal with the good ole Scott instant savings yet again...its Sunday's/ next week's deals oviously but I was thinking maybe early activation would work with that and adding a few products for the 5$ off $25 to work with it...not sure if that's been the case or not...i guess as long as they ring up Sunday's prices...we should be good...would be a Super good deal with instant savings...$5off and coupons....i figured under $10 for Scott paper towels, tolit paper, hefty trash bags, 5 kleenex, 2 comfort 3 razors, and $1 candy...seems too good to be true...but would we have to add $3 if theres a $3 instant savings...sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't...
Comment from : Pami Atkinson

Cathy Lee
Is anyone on here from Georgia? Just curious. I have a lot of problems with couponing at my store with coupons not working. I’m in a small town only have one store.
Comment from : Cathy Lee

Lisa Casteel Clark
I'll gladly take them at $ 1.50 a pack any day. Thank you.
Comment from : Lisa Casteel Clark

Lisa Casteel Clark
Hey lady, hope you are having a great day.
Comment from : Lisa Casteel Clark

Cindyb Today
Thank you for all you do!
Comment from : Cindyb Today

Stacy Kafer
Thanks for all you do!
Comment from : Stacy Kafer

Laurie Baeseman
awesome! I smoke and that's gonna save on money!
Comment from : Laurie Baeseman

Kristie Will
Thank u for info....you're day bestest!!
Comment from : Kristie Will

Lynne Wilson
When you refer to your web site are you talking about facebok? I'm new and I'm so confused right now and I don't know how to get around. I went to Fb and liked your page and started following. Then I read in your description on this video that you don't answer questions on that page to go to your media sites I have Facebook so where do you want me to talk to you and ask my questions? Doing it on videos doesn't seem like that's the right way to do it especially if my question has nothing to do with the video I'm asking you the question on. I don't know I'm just so confused and I really want to be a part how this couponing Adventure. Please help. Thank you in advance for your time.
Comment from : Lynne Wilson

Christina Harding
Thank you so much !!!
Comment from : Christina Harding

Carissa Coursen
Can someone tell me the info to sign up for text alerts??
Comment from : Carissa Coursen

Mrs Jordan
I love you Christa
Comment from : Mrs Jordan

Mrs Jordan
Please do don't forget me...I want to go penny shopping we haven't had a good list in a while worth going for me lately
Comment from : Mrs Jordan

angela parker
Thanks for all you do!!! Love your videos 💜
Comment from : angela parker

Kathy Maney
When the Mr.Clean was a penny a couple of weeks ago I got 19 bottles of it from 2 stores by me
Comment from : Kathy Maney

dorota naga
Where I live we pay 8.99 a pack New Jersey
Comment from : dorota naga

Julie Easler
Blessed your heart Chris.
Comment from : Julie Easler

Holly Wagner
Alot of people don't buy the cigs that's why they are on sell cause they are now old and crusty stale save your money my cousin bought a back went to flip the ashes cig broke in half and he said the taste was horrible
Comment from : Holly Wagner

Connie Pressley
Your website is not a POS. It loaded so good for me last night. I was amazed! It worked so good..loaded so good! It was awesome. You must have done something. It was awesome!!!❤️
Comment from : Connie Pressley

Misty Crum
Your the best Christa💥💥💥
Comment from : Misty Crum

Micci Dawn
Comment from : Micci Dawn

Eagerly awaiting the Penny list. Thank you for everything that you do.
Comment from : redbrownjewel

Daniel Sparks
Im up at my store soooo much and they know me by first and last name and know i walk and not drive so they help me out. And from last time they pulled them and actually had a small section in the cigarette case that said discontinued cig products. So they move them at my store. Theyre all about upselling
Comment from : Daniel Sparks

Patricia Justice
I'm smoke free now. I quit. Best decision i made. My husband quit as well. We will be saving over 400.00 a month over 4,000.00 a year.
Comment from : Patricia Justice

stacey Barrett-Bradley
What are cigarettes listed under? I'm on poweredbycoupons.com
Comment from : stacey Barrett-Bradley

My store didn't do the cigarettes at all. Only cigars.
Comment from : Wildcandygirl

edward Northcutt
Could not even sign up on your website tried for like a hour it loads and will not let you do anything
Comment from : edward Northcutt

My store didn't do the cigs but some off brands only.. They said they was not included in the sale on cigs.
Comment from : Tina BRIGHT

Nancy Smith
Almost all brown dot is gone!
Comment from : Nancy Smith

I tried the suave natural and cashier said I could not stack because it would be free
Comment from : Mei.Mei_Queen

amy girouard
I'm in Louisiana. Do you know if they are doing that in my area?
Comment from : amy girouard

SSS 81
Thank you
Comment from : SSS 81

nichole dowdle
Do you mean all yellow dot clothing or only ss18??
Comment from : nichole dowdle

Linda Newsome
I don't smoke but wanted to get some for future bartering item if needed.
Comment from : Linda Newsome

Chickensnest Crowden
Omg Game Stop clearance on the blind bags only $1 sale ends the 6th
Comment from : Chickensnest Crowden

Chickensnest Crowden
Got it thank you
Comment from : Chickensnest Crowden

Ralph Pennington
I have such a hard time getting u web sight to lode how do I get the list emails
Comment from : Ralph Pennington

I just absolutely consider you my friend as some days your the only person that texts me!! You do so much for all of us and you only ask we like,subscribe,comment,and share your channel how easy is that!! Love how hard you work for us!! 😘
Comment from : TImE4AChaNge

torisha jackson
Thank you!
Comment from : torisha jackson

Concerned FATHER
Comment from : Concerned FATHER

Gayle Sanguinetti
Yessss! Lol Ty!!!💜💜💜
Comment from : Gayle Sanguinetti

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