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GameSpot Universe
Which Sarah Paulson performance on AHS is your favorite?
Comment from : GameSpot Universe

John August Gomez
She looks like emily blunt
Comment from : John August Gomez

Larry Fan
The coven theme song is soooooooo good
Comment from : Larry Fan

the view from halfway down
17:06 the most horrifying moment of the entire show

trump's election

Comment from : the view from halfway down

i didn't really care for audrey that much but her death really annoyed me, i mean how was she expecting the cops to react?
Comment from : ꧁Kwjlヅ꧂

Sara Lorrany gualberto
love sarah paulson
Comment from : Sara Lorrany gualberto

Andrew Cunningham
A correction for you guys, Sarah wasn't nominated for the Emmy for Billie Dean Howard. She was nominated for the TV movie Game Change where she played Nicolle Wallace.
Comment from : Andrew Cunningham

Rowena Rosse De Plata
Venable is my aesthetic.
Comment from : Rowena Rosse De Plata

Jay Raphael
Sarah P. shines in every role she plays.
Comment from : Jay Raphael

Tarik Mehmedika
Shw is such a talnted actress :) her best role for now was Cordelia Goode
Comment from : Tarik Mehmedika

Naveen Dravid
1. Ally Mayfair-Richards
2. Sally McKenna
3. Lana Winters
4. Cordelia Foxx
5. Bette & Dot Tattler
6. Wilhemina Venable
7. Audrey Tindall
8. Billie Dean Howard

Comment from : Naveen Dravid

Melissa Allin, P.E.
Oh, I thought this was the best of Sarah Paulson on American Horror Story. My bad.
Comment from : Melissa Allin, P.E.

Joanissia Gualberto
Comment from : Joanissia Gualberto

Joseph Noronha
" The Best of Sarah Paulson", no, no, its "All Sarah Paulson Characters" '-'
Comment from : Joseph Noronha

The Dreamer
I forgot about so many of these events. I need to re-watch the seasons.
Comment from : The Dreamer

Buenya D
Everytime I see a scene with Cordelia I feel safe
Comment from : Buenya D

Jacob Matthews
Top 3 of my favorite roles she's done:
1. Lana Winters
2. Cordelia Goode
3. Bet and Dot Tattler

Comment from : Jacob Matthews

Fibonacci Boi
Coven is the best season. P E R I O D T and the 2nd best is Apocalypse
Comment from : Fibonacci Boi

Gracie Reiman
1 Lana winters
2 Cordelia goode
3 Sally McKenna
4 Bette and Dot
5 Audrey Tindal
6 Ally Mayfair Richards
7 Billie dean howard
8 Vinable

Comment from : Gracie Reiman

Ana Trajkovska
Can’t believe you still haven’t made a best of Evan Peters
Comment from : Ana Trajkovska

Raven Sikkness TV
Sarah Paulson is a brilliant actor. But then again, so are all the other AHS cast members. Also, Ryan Murphy is an incredible writer/director. (Or producer? I can't remember which of these he is, because it's been months since I've watched AHS.)
Comment from : Raven Sikkness TV

The one and only AHS queen!
Comment from : Ankh

Christian Maximoff
You accidentally said Winters when you said Billie was invited to the Hotel Cortez
Comment from : Christian Maximoff

nasser wiz
hottest woman ever
Comment from : nasser wiz

James Kane
I want to eat sarah paulsons ass
Comment from : James Kane

Niamh Gonzalez
AHS was renewed for three more seasons and if Sarah isn’t in them I will be insanely disappointed
Comment from : Niamh Gonzalez

wolfshield x
Sarah is super beautiful and talented she can really pull off three different characters in the same episode
Comment from : wolfshield x

Comment from : CRY BABY 火ュク

Ethan Vo
23 actual minutes wow.
Comment from : Ethan Vo

“Someone’s at the door” American Gothic
Comment from : 2PointsAboveCrazy

Sandra Weilbrenner
She said she would come back if evan does
Comment from : Sandra Weilbrenner

Her face is punchable.
Comment from : paxsmile

Thomas M.
I think micheal couldn't resurrect himself probably because he didn't accept satan.
Comment from : Thomas M.

Michelle Grimes
I think Paulson is an Amazing actress, kind and a funny person as well. Girl Crush.
Comment from : Michelle Grimes

Jaden Marion
You know the drill
1. Cordelia
2. Billie Dean Howard
3. Bette Tattler
4. Dot Tattler
5. Sally
6. Shelby
7. Lana winter
8. Ally may-fair Richards
9. Audrey Tindall
0. Venable

Comment from : Jaden Marion

1984 was ok without her and Evan... I barely even notice their absence
That's because as long as 2 of the 7 AHS biggest actors are on the show it's ok...Emma and Lily were more than enough.
Leslie did an AMAZING job playing a role that otherwise would have gone to Jessica herself.

I miss Frances, Taissa, Connie and Kathy... Ill be ok if Evan and Sarah stay away until the last season....they ranked way too many big roles to be playing anymore... By now everyone has that 1 character of theirs they associate them most with

Comment from : brainey001

Natasha X
Finally 😁😁
Comment from : Natasha X

Flower Child
1:43 winters ? U mean Howard ? lol
Comment from : Flower Child

I'd love for a season to be centered around a Young Billy Dean when she first came into her ability! Maybe have Billie Lourd play the young her with Sarah Paulson being the narrator of the season. Almost like she's giving an interview and telling her past to the reporter and then we see the story she's telling.
Comment from : BibliophileColorist

Veronica Pomar
I loved her performance as Lana Winters the best.
Comment from : Veronica Pomar

Sage Forbes
Cordelia and co, walked from New Orleans to Output 3 (In California)
Comment from : Sage Forbes

La amo en todos los personajes, pero claro tengo mis consentidos: LANA/CORDELIA/DOT/SALLY/AUDREY/ALLY
Comment from : hollylety01

Sad Little Ghost
My favorites are Bette and Dot
Comment from : Sad Little Ghost

The Warlock
All of them
Comment from : The Warlock

Bet and dot aren’t the 3rd and 4th characters, they are the 4th and 5th. Sorry i love your videos but i just had to say that
Comment from : AnimalsAreAwesome

No hate or anything, i love Sarah but 1984 is the highest rated season so far
Comment from : Jack

Little Regal
Sara Paulson best in American Horror Story
Me:”you’re showing the best she’s done or just herself cause she’s the best thing in Ahs”

Comment from : Little Regal

Capricorn 1
Plz do taissa Farmiga next!
Comment from : Capricorn 1

Comment from : German

alejandra Jarandilla
I love her
Comment from : alejandra Jarandilla

Ichiro Maeda
You guys covered the facts so well... I fucken love you guys!
Comment from : Ichiro Maeda

Co-Host Colby
Hypodermic Sally was my fav
Comment from : Co-Host Colby

MZ is#1
Lana Winters is still, to this day, her best and most iconic role. Cordelia and Bette & Dot come close but Lana >>
Comment from : MZ is#1

My list:
1. Lana Winters (Asylum, Roanoke)
2. Cordelia Goode (Coven, Apocalypse)
3. Billie Dean Howard (Murder House, Hotel, Apocalypse)
4. Sally McKenna (Hotel)
5. Ally Mayfair-Richards (Cult)
6. Bette Tattler (Freak Show)
7. Wilhelmina Venable (Apocalypse)
8. Dot Tattler (Freak Show)
9. Shelby Miller (Roanoke)
10. Susan Atkins (Cult)
11. Audrey Tindall (Roanoke)

Comment from : martindietrich

Rose Ruiz
Do Evan peters
Comment from : Rose Ruiz

Urie Fleck The Ghoul
I want one of her future characters to be like Dr Ellie staples from glass
Comment from : Urie Fleck The Ghoul

Phúc Trần
I think what happened to Audrey Tindall is unfair,I mean she had survived through everything the crazy family,the house,the blood moon and LEE!But still she was killed by the police:((
Comment from : Phúc Trần

b r i a n a h.
Comment from : b r i a n a h.

I hope she comes back for season 10.
Comment from : BlackEyedIncubus

Chris Caughey
My favorite characters of Sarah Paulson are Ally Mayfair Richards, Lana Winters, Audrey Tindall and Billie Dean Howard.
Comment from : Chris Caughey

TheScorpio Vampyre
Lana Winters is her best role! Also, she deserved an Emmy for her and Bette and Dot
Comment from : TheScorpio Vampyre

Avery Ramirez
She always nailed it,,
Comment from : Avery Ramirez

Sybil Holiday
A versatile actor, I REALLY missed her in the most recent 1984, & hope to see her back for season 10.
Comment from : Sybil Holiday

Atomic Slash
Again while the coven witches maybe iconic there is no way Cordelia Goode is more iconic than Lana Winters Lana Winters is Sarah Paulson role of American Horror Story she is the best character of all time
Comment from : Atomic Slash

Alyssa J
I love Sally she’s alwayssss crying. I want to know what the makeup artist/ special effects people did
Comment from : Alyssa J

Maddy loo
My celebrity crush 🥰🤤🥰
Comment from : Maddy loo

StoryTimeZ With LJ
Tbh i dont know why but sarah as sally was my fav
Comment from : StoryTimeZ With LJ

Ana E Romero
17:00 IPhone 11 I can’t even lmaooo 🤣😂
Comment from : Ana E Romero

If Hollywood had ANY common sense, she would be a damn A Lister. She has more talent than half of the leading ladies on the big screen. She has showcased that in AHS. There isn't a part they can throw at her that she can't handle.
Comment from : Greeneyelove

Robert Stevenson Jr
Congrats to the cast...
Comment from : Robert Stevenson Jr

Esther Star
She is always the best in every episode.
Comment from : Esther Star

Lucas Pigliavento
1. Lana Winters - Asylum And Roanoke
2. Cordelia Fox - Coven And Apocalypse
3. Sally McKenna - Hotel
4. Bet and Dot Tattler - Freakshow
5. Ally Mayfair-Richards - Cult
6. Billie Dean Howard - Murder House, Hotel And Apocalypse
7. Shelby Miller - Roanoke
8. Wilhemina Venable - Apocalypse
9. Audrey Tindall - Roanoke
10. Susan Atkins - Cult

Comment from : Lucas Pigliavento

madison johnson
I love cordelia goode
Comment from : madison johnson

John Michael Salipande
My ranking:
Lana Winters (Asylum and Roanoke)
Audrey Tindall (Roanoke)
Bette and Dot Tattler (Freak Show)
Sally McKenna (Hotel)
Cordelia Foxx (Coven) | Cordelia Goode (Apocalypse)
Ally Mayfair-Richards (Cult)
Billie Dean Howard (Murder House, Hotel, and Apocalypse)
Shelby Miller (Roanoke)
Wilhemina Venable (Apocalypse)
Susan Atkins (Cult)

Comment from : John Michael Salipande

John Michael Salipande
I am so puzzled as to why it is the "Coven" characters of Jessica Lange, Sarah Paulson, and Lily Rabe who are generally considered as most iconic or legendary. Well, to each his own, but I think their Asylum characters (Lana Winters, Sister Jude, and Sister Mary Eunice) has more breadth, depth, complexity, and not to mention, acting challenge to these ladies, to which they all nailed successfully.
Comment from : John Michael Salipande

I thought the favorite was Lana Winters and no Cordellia Goode :/ but damn I love Sarah 💜
Comment from : Camicat

Obscureradio Love
Yeaaa sarah
Comment from : Obscureradio Love

Jennifer Acrey
HOOLLDD UP! Let there no doubt that Cordelia is not Paulson's best character. Lana Winters is a goddam icon
Comment from : Jennifer Acrey

Please do one for Evan Peters
Comment from : lucyk310

One of the neat tricks of "Cult" is that Ally doesn't just overcome her fear of clowns - she overcomes the trypophobia, too. Look at the sweater she's wearing when she kills Ivy. 19:41 Ally is so overcome by her need for vengeance that she controls her fears so she can better control Ally, Kai, and the others. It plays into the themes of the season really well, and was definitely intentional.
Comment from : kamcalste

The best of Sarah Paulson is when her mouth is closed
Comment from : T-800

The best of Sarah Paulson is when her mouth is closed
Comment from : T-800

Banana Lips
Bette and Dot were her best characters
Comment from : Banana Lips

Karen Griffith
My baby. That’s all I have to say.
Comment from : Karen Griffith

Banana Lips
How did he dare call Cordelia her most iconic role after talking about Lana FUCKING Winters
Comment from : Banana Lips

PS2 Gamer
Lana winters might be my favorite character she played
Comment from : PS2 Gamer

PS2 Gamer
Comment from : PS2 Gamer

Eshna Kabir
I’m SO HAPPY she’s back for season 10!!!
Comment from : Eshna Kabir

so sad we didn’t get to see her on season 9 😪
Comment from : KingChris04

Comment from : HeyItsKieran

My all time favorite actress. You guys should start covering the upcoming anthology series The Haunting of Hill House (Bly Manor is season 2)
Comment from : turquoise60

im kinda on time! to Sarah Paulsons video! a
D R E A M !

Comment from : Joselyn

UnicornLover42802 s
You should do the best of evan peters next 👍❤
Comment from : UnicornLover42802 s

Kelly Ballinger-mountford
You said winters when you were talking about Billie dean Howard.....love these best off’s though,especially this one Sarah Paulson is my favourite,love you guys 😀❤️
Comment from : Kelly Ballinger-mountford

Lana Winters all day!
Comment from : MrHootiedean

My favorite Sarah Paulson Characters from best to worst

1. Cordelia Goode(Coven and Apocalypse)
2. Ally Mayfair Richards(Cult)
3. Wilhemina Venable(Apocalypse)
4. Dot and Bette(in that order)(Freak Show)
5. Billie Dean Howard(MH, Hotel, Apocalypse)
6. Lana Winters(Asylum and Roanoke)
7. Sally Mckenna(Hotel)
8. Audrey Tindall(Roanoke
9. Shelby Miller(Roanoke)
10. Susan Atkins(Cult)

Comment from : DylanJ7

HeyYopta PWI
Top 3 of Sarah's roles in AHS (imo):
1. Sally
2. Cordelia
3. Bette and Dot

Comment from : HeyYopta PWI

nathan rembes
she the best
Comment from : nathan rembes

Blurryface at the disco
I missed her 😕
Comment from : Blurryface at the disco

Miranda Reacts
Every moment she's in American Horror Story is the best moments ever
Comment from : Miranda Reacts

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