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Buddah Theepoet
season 10 ahs Antarctica!
Founding out that Atlantis was really Eden with Greek, Egyptian and other mythical creatures that exist. Some good and bad ,a plane of 100 people have to make an emergency landing beyond thee ice wall and the climate is tropical.

Comment from : Buddah Theepoet

Mallika Patel
I love this theory!
Comment from : Mallika Patel

Jeffrey H
Knowing Ryan Murphy... if he were to do this than half the season would be a flashback about the satanic rituals they’d have to do then the final 2-3 episodes will be the future .. he’s too obsessed with the devil
Comment from : Jeffrey H

roomsonfire 80
Amway type pyramid scheme Corporation.
Comment from : roomsonfire 80

Fawn Rosie
I want a season with more of Americas mysteries of missing people and murders and stuff
Comment from : Fawn Rosie

Fawn Rosie
I just found out Jessica Lange is 70... I thought she was in her 50s! Im shocked
Comment from : Fawn Rosie

Jet Conway
Just straight up ahs: zombies
Comment from : Jet Conway

Jet Conway
You mentioned in an earlier video something about ahs shipwreck and i think that could be cool almost like a treasure island type thing where people are stranded on an island and there are either cannibals or some supernatural forces on the island trying to kill them and it can also dive into the human interactions between people in desperate situations stranded outside of society
Comment from : Jet Conway

Gabriel 9193
I am ALWAYS hoping for Jessica Lange!
Comment from : Gabriel 9193

Lisa Jordan
How about aliens destroying the corporation?😏😏
Comment from : Lisa Jordan

Erik Kiernan
I love Billie Lourd and Evan and I hope we get violets actress back
Comment from : Erik Kiernan

i’d love a season where every episode is a different story. like black mirror
Comment from : Daniel

Victoria Kuot
This pitch sounds like a crossover of American Gods and Mr. Robot.
Comment from : Victoria Kuot

Gives us anything spooky and dark but no more of that women always survive crap. Give us a strong guy too.
Comment from : R G

AHS: next season got to be cannibal or bigfoot 😋😋😋😋😋
Comment from : blaqpirate

Matthew Quarles
I got an idea for the tenth season of AHS

AHS: Sanctuary
It focuses on a therapeutic center in Los Angeles, focused on helping important people through trauma. But the Sanctuary is actually a plow to bring out the darkness in these people and make them sign their souls over to Satan.

Comment from : Matthew Quarles

i 100% agree that Evan Peters should come back as a historical patriarch. that’s the perfect role for him!!
Comment from : csavage00

Black Rose
American Horror Story: Bermuda Triangle

American Horror Story: Illuminati

Comment from : Black Rose

The corporation should be all original cast members that are family members who are evil and made deals with Satan to have this big name in business. They are ruthless and will stop at nothing to maintain their wealth and success.
Comment from : TriceyDiva💋

Drei Collins
AHS: Back into the Future
Comment from : Drei Collins

I’m not feeling this idea
Comment from : Shi

Ahs: ship wreck!
Comment from : ak47shay

Sai Shirai
I hope it’s not about a Corporation. Sounds boring as fuck. I’d probably skip it.
Comment from : Sai Shirai

I am Amelia Pond
Ahs: Fashion

An aspiring fashionista gets her dread job working for a high-end fashion industry (based off of Vogue). She shadows one of the best fashion designers in the biz and comes to discover some unnerving things about him/ her. As her time progresses at the industry, she begins to unearth some ungodly things about it

Comment from : I am Amelia Pond

Jacob Karl Drew562
AHS snuff film
Comment from : Jacob Karl Drew562

AHS: Death Valley?
Comment from : TheDuskOne

Isnt this basically apocalypse?
Comment from : musiquefrique

Bruce Moskowitz
TRUMP how he got his wealth
Comment from : Bruce Moskowitz

Richard Williams
Matt Wittrock?? I'd love a season with gods and devils / good and evil type scenario! AHS: Hell
Anyway I really like the idea of a generational family scenario involving wealth and blood oaths! Not sure if I agree with the whole space idea but I could definitely see this pitch idea! Just bring back Jessica Lange, Sarah Paulson, and Evan Peters, and I will be happy with whatever they do! Especially Ms. Lange! I adore her!

Comment from : Richard Williams

American Horror Story : Cold Cases
Comment from : TONEY ROBINSON

American Horror Story : Nightmares
Comment from : TONEY ROBINSON

kevin kirkpatrick
We need a native American horror story of some kind...
Comment from : kevin kirkpatrick

Esther Heeren
Am I the only one who wants to see Zachary Quinto join the cast again?? He is an absolutely amazing actor!
Comment from : Esther Heeren

Isabel Guerrero
This would be perfect for season 10 😍
Comment from : Isabel Guerrero

Jacob Karl Drew562
AHS after death
Comment from : Jacob Karl Drew562

Jacob Karl Drew562
Comment from : Jacob Karl Drew562

ZahidIsCool623 Jk
I would love one based on urban legends e.g Japanese British American etc...
Comment from : ZahidIsCool623 Jk

A "They Live" story. Love It!
Comment from : Mickey

Maxwell Demon
AHS : bigfoot
AHS : civil war
AHS : first contact
AHS :Thecnocracy
AHS : Revolution .

Comment from : Maxwell Demon

Haley Higgins
I'm calling it now, Season 10 will be about an MLM that's a front for a pod people scheme run by aliens in an attempt at a passive invasion of America. The reason all pyramid scheme sales people act like they're part of a cult is because they've been replaced with alien clones.
Comment from : Haley Higgins

DaDdY cHilL



Comment from : DaDdY cHilL

This is what I’ve always wanted from AHS. American Horror Story: capitalism
Comment from : Conroyrofl

Love Lissa
AHS: University. Let’s go to college!

AHS: Area 51

AHS: Lycanthropy

AHS: Suburbia

Comment from : Love Lissa

The Charcoal Filleing
A fan service season sounds good
Comment from : The Charcoal Filleing

Ahs serial killers
Comment from : thatboiwhowonders

Rishal Patel
this pitch is soooooo interesting and satisfying... it would bring it all circle whilst creating a new interesting narrative!! keep up the good work!!
Comment from : Rishal Patel

Jason Noury
Matt Wittrock? Excuse me...who?
Comment from : Jason Noury

Eli :/
I want 12 episode seasons! The better start doing 9episode seasons!
Comment from : Eli :/

Ioma checkers
I mean these are all good ideas but only one will prevail. Probably something none of us are thinking. A haunted military base? Puppet shop? Wish I can ask Ryan Murphy myself
Comment from : Ioma checkers

This is awesome thanks so much.
I really do want to see some of the other actors come back - if not the main 3 you mentioned at least Kathy Bates or Denis O’hare or Frances O’Conner.
Sci-fi is my favorite genre but I don’t want them to do anything with aliens or outer space. No thanks to that idea😎

Comment from : batgurrl

legendary hoe
I wish Jessica Lange would come back
Comment from : legendary hoe

Debra McGuinness
They have just gone so hard during apocalypse and cult the season before that this season seemed very underwhelming .I think they just need to do a straight fan service season. They know what we want. And they'll give it to us.. we just need to make a fuss
Comment from : Debra McGuinness

Ryan Johnson
ok but what if they had like a mafia season that would be cool
Comment from : Ryan Johnson

Debra McGuinness
Comment from : Debra McGuinness

Kyle Rayner
In season 3 the witches cast a spell to take down a company so it was kind of already teased
Comment from : Kyle Rayner

Guilherme Valle
awesome pitch tbh
Comment from : Guilherme Valle

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