There are two kinds of tics, engine and oral tics. Motor tics can vary from being simple tics like eye blinking or head jerks or complicated tics like stinging, banging and making indecent actions. Similarly oral tics can vary from meaningless appears to be to complicated oral tics like coprolalia wherein indecent actions and appears to be are made. When both engine and oral tics are present it is known as Tourette's disorder which is a more complicated way of tic disorder. Returning To Top Intellectual Disorders Intellectual problems modify the learning, storage, troubleshooting and perception. Contrary to popular assumption, cognitive problems are not just suffered by the elderly. Individuals of all ages can have cognitive problems like delirium and dementia. It can be a result of medication misuse, some sickness or a mixture of both. Delirium: Delirium is a emotional disorder that is recognized by problems in understanding the scenario and a disturbance of the person's consciousness. The personal may exhibit symptoms such as purposelessness, random actions and actions. There may be a alternation in the rest and wake cycle.

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